Published by Simon Brooks on 27th February 2019 | Case Studies

Case Study: Moving to the Cloud Buyers Guide for Alliance Solutions

The client

Alliance Solutions provide IT support, management and consultancy services – including cloud computing solutions – for organisations of all sizes ranging from small businesses to multi-site corporates.


Having adopted a content marketing-based strategy, Alliance Solutions require digital content to position the company as an expert authority in specific areas of IT.

The goal is to drive quality leads and referrals to their website, whilst also building a targeted social media audience.

Method & Solution

At the heart of the content marketing strategy is a plan to develop a series of high quality content assets. These are aimed at specific potential buyers, who can download the content asset once they submit their data.

C4B Media developed the ‘Buyers Guide to Moving to the Cloud’, which provides business with a comprehensive understanding of how to move business systems to the cloud.

This guide is promoted via emails to the prospect database, targeted social media campaign with additional content and a landing page to download the guide.

Take a look at the Buyers Guide to Moving to the Cloud here.


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