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Marketers and businesses owners: we get it, you’ve got a lot of plates to spin.

You know that you need top quality copywriting to increase your traffic, gain leads and make sales. But you don’t know where to start, or you simply don’t have the time. That’s where our expert copywriters can help.

We’re a small, friendly team with an appetite for results, who really get to know your business goals, your audience and the keywords they are searching for.

Your copy needs need to show you have the answer your audience is looking for and it needs to encourage action without being overtly salesy. A scenario where everyone wins. Employing our copywriting services will help you to achieve this tricky balance, from social media strategy and blog posts to email newsletters.

Our copywriting services

You need content that brings results, whether it’s SEO, blogs, social media, brochures or email campaigns.

Copywriting can be mind-boggling, time-consuming stuff, even for the most savvy marketers and business owners. Yes, lots of us can write well, but writing copy for marketing and to drive sales is a whole different ballgame.

You need proactive copy that will get you found by the people who need what you offer, whether it’s for your website, articles, leaflets, newsletters or the whole package. That’s what we do. But we’re not just copywriters, we’re marketers who find out what makes your customers tick. Our words aren’t just there to look pretty – they charm, educate and captivate people in a way that makes them think, “yes! this is perfect for me!”

SEO copywriting requires a different skill set and social media copywriting requires yet another.

SEO Copywriting

Good SEO copywriting can mean the difference between making a sale, or not. Between being found on Google, or not. Between whether people read your blog posts and get in touch, or not. When you’ve worked so hard to define your key messages, your website copy needs to engage, convince and convert to get you those all-important leads.

It's not easy to write for both search engines and real people at the same time. Thankfully, times have changed and Google not only wants your copy to be written for people, it can judge this very accurately. By writing for real people, you will also be writing for search engines by default. Ranking in Google will come automatically if your website copy is of high quality. Google wants to show people the best results. If your website is the best in your niche market, Google will rank it high up in search results for the most important keywords.

Our SEO copywriters know how to write content for your website that both users and Google will appreciate. Covering a subject fully and using markup to clearly lay it out, is second nature to our expert team. Combining SEO copywriting with our technical SEO services, will enable you to be successful in the competitive world of search.

Social Media Copywriting

Social media platforms are powerful tools for growing your community and can be used to generate leads and sales. But just being on social media isn't enough to get people to follow you, let alone turn them into customers. The key lies in engaging your audience, and great social media copywriting can help you to achieve this.

Our expert social copywriters will use punchy copy to motivate your users into action; to share, like, and follow links through to your site. We write social media copy that speaks directly to your audience and is aligned with the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

Content & editorial plans

Gone are the days where you can write in salesy, jargon-filled, corporate tongues and expect new customers to come running.

To really win people over, you need to stand out. Be a front runner in your field. Good, strategic copywriting for blogs, web pages, emails and social posts will do just that. By having a content plan that positions you as a leader in your market, you’ll help your prospects make informed decisions.

Your audience aren’t looking for someone to sell them something. They’re searching for a solution to their problem (that’s you!). A clever content plan pushes your brand to the right people wherever they are, and raves about what you offer.

With decades of marketing and copywriting experience between us, we suggest and create consistent articles and blogs containing relevant keywords. Always with our SEO agency hat on, to get you found, grow your traffic and convert users into brand-loving customers.

Our Copywriting/Content Team

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