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C4B Media Client Focus – Calm Candles London

Calm Candles London - Product Packaging Design
Calm Candles London - Marketing Podcast

We spoke to Calm Candles London to find out about their remarkable success.

Getting support with marketing was obviously a big decision – how did that help?

C4B were instrumental in the beginning of my journey;  advising on the website, designing the marketing collateral and helping with the preparation for the launch. I think working with a marketing team who understand you and your brand is so crucial to the development of any business, and C4B Media made every effort to understand what I wanted to achieve. 

Why did you choose to work with C4B Media?

I met with the Creative Director and she genuinely seemed to love my product and was enthusiastic about how she could develop the brand and get the products to market. She was really passionate about working with me, and bought into the ethos that I wanted Calm Candles London to follow. Her ideas and creative skills were exceptional, giving me confidence to continue working with C4B Media on the rest of the project. She was supported by a team of specialists that work in C4B Media covering all areas of marketing that I needed.

If you could sum up the C4B Media team in three words, what would they be?

Knowledgable * Creative * Passionate

Tell us about Calm Candles London – what made you start the business?

I have always loved candles, and they were created with the intention to help people experience calm and promote relaxation. The idea was to stop the mind noise, and lessen the stress and the anxiety we all carry, helping both mental and physical well-being. Our candles are luxury, hand-poured, vegan, cruelty-free soy candles made with wellbeing in mind.

Increasingly  we now see mental health becoming the next pandemic. Finding time to be calm and actually living and working calmly is essential to good health.

People that buy the candles, enjoy them by just sitting and relaxing, gazing at the beautiful glow from the flame, accompanied by the online meditations. The meditations linked to our signature “Calm by the….” range are there to encourage people to recall memories of where they felt calm – woodland walks, being by the ocean or just sitting by a fire. Using the meditations and candles together helps to create a ‘Calm Candle Experience’. 

Calm Candles - Products

We love your range of candles. Which is your best selling scent?

We haven’t a firm leader in our range of fragrances but in 2020 during the first lockdown, the favourites seemed to be ‘Calm be Relaxed.’ This was an  English lavender & sweet orange scent, and ‘Calm by the Woodland’ which is a woody amber and vanilla scent.   

For those looking for a bit of calm this winter, which candle would you recommend?

For those looking to relax and be calm this winter I would go for ‘Calm by the Fireside’. You can almost smell the fire in this one! It’s richness comes from exotic sandalwood oil. With its uplifting qualities, it is a firm winter winner!

What is a typical day like for you?

Well, a typical day is currently balancing home schooling, home and work… the joys! Candles are already poured and ready to go, so it’s just planning, admin and focusing on new product development. Obviously with no exhibitions at the moment we are not able to get out to meet people, which is a real shame.

Are you launching any new products this year?

Yes, we are about to launch our new candle ‘Calm be Happy’. Its English rose and sandalwood, making it a sophisticated fragrance and perfect for lifting the soul. We are starting with a small batch and hoping it will be loved as much as our other candles.

What marketing channel have you found most useful for people to find you online?

We tend to use Instagram more than Facebook.  Our sales have mostly come directly through the website in the last year, but word of mouth has been our biggest advert! 

What is your proudest moment?

Obviously our launch in March 2019, and the customer feedback we have had since then has been incredible, which is so encouraging and motivating. It was important to me to have a brand that was environmentally and ethically conscious, and I feel very proud of how we have grown maintaining that ethos – even though we are such a young company.

You can find out more about Calm Candles London and their products here: 

The team at C4B have helped me to establish my thoughts into winning creative design. They have constantly encouraged and supported me, helping with projects such as web design, promotions and exhibitions. I feel their knowledge and expertise when brainstorming ideas has made a significant difference to how the business is developing.

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