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We have helped a huge range of business with our digital content services, from local firms in Hertfordshire and Cambridge, to UK wide brands and international corporations. Our content marketing strategies are proven to attract, retain and convert.

The old adage remains true: "Content IS King". Creating great content is the basis for all online marketing, whether that's your main website pages, blog posts, social media posting, and even your email marketing. This principal seems straight forward but there is a lot more to it than you might think at first. This is why it is essential to employ the skills of a leading content creation agency such as C4B Media.

Website content

Do you know what the single most important factor is for ranking well in search results? Content. Not only does Google index your content to assess the subject matter and quality (using many different factors), but good content engages users. This in turn reduces the bounce rate, increases time spent on the page and attracts backlinks from external sites - all of which are additional ranking signals, showing just how important your website content is. So it is vital that keyword analysis and optimisation are the driving force behind all website content. As a leading content marketing agency, our team knows how to write and present your content to leverage the best results.

Blog post content

Similar to the rest of your web pages, a well written blog post will improve user engagement and is even more likely to attract backlinks. We create unique content that provides value to the reader, with comprehensive writing on the given subject. We use the correct html tags to inform Google and your users, and to present the content in an attractive layout. We concentrate on readability, use keywords in the right way and link to other content to provide added value and retain the attention of your users.

Social media content

Less about being optimised itself, more about grabbing attention and encouraging action. The content of your social media posts can be a critical part of your content strategy. Using our skills and experience, we will create content to build your social media following, cut through the noise and achieve your brand's short and long term goals.

Content creation agency

Email content

An email campaign can be the final piece of the puzzle for a successful content strategy. Being sent directly to inboxes, an email campaign is a great way to get your content in front of the eyes of your intended audience. Email marketing needs to strike the right balance between quickly sparking an interest, but requiring a click through to your website to view each article in full.

Quality content marketing

High quality content by its very nature attracts high quality prospects. A well written web page with exceptional content that accurately and comprehensively covers a specific subject, service or product, will rank well for the associated keywords. Users actively looking for those products, services or information will be the users who find your content. Employ the skills of our Hertfordshire based content marketing team today and watch as we grow your audience, increase your leads and help you to become a leading voice of your sector.

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