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18 July 2011

10 Ways To Integrate Telemarketing Into Your Joined Up Marketing Strategy

As seriously ‘joined-up’ marketers here at C4B Media, we think there’s a role for every form of media or ‘channel’ in most marketing strategies. The key is often not the choice of one medium over another e.g. […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
16 June 2011

Why Timing Matters in B2B Marketing

In the last 5 years, B2B buying behaviour across virtually every sector has changed dramatically. Business buyers used make do with a conventional ‘buying approach’ which involved ‘being sold to’. Today, buyers don’t wait to be ‘sold […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
20 May 2011

Goodbye Sales Cycle. Hello Buy Cycle.

Obvious statement: most sales people and business owners are focused on hitting sales targets. But targets are not only about ‘how much’. They’re also about ‘when’. “I really need to hit my target this month. So how […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
03 May 2011

How to create excellent and engaging email newsletters

As you may know, here at C4B Media we offer a ‘full service’ email newsletter service. So over the years we’ve learned a few things about what works – and what doesn’t. For your email newsletter to […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
27 April 2011

What Is Marketing Automation?

A classic problem faced by many B2B marketers is that they generate prospects who are interested in purchasing – but just not right now. Hungry business owners and sales people are mostly interested in qualified leads – […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
07 March 2011

Keep Up With The Market Or Disappear

Keep up with the market or disappear I was at the “Technology for Marketing and Advertising” (TFM & A) event in London last week. An excellent marketing tradeshow, with many experts and luminaries talking about the latest […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
06 January 2011

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan

Is your company good at at marketing? Who buys your products or services? Why do they buy them? How do you find new customers? And how do they find you? Are they happy? If you can answer […]

Posted by Simon Brooks

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