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Showcase Your Services With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has, since the outset, been a dark horse in the social media race watching the likes of Twitter and Facebook gallop out in front. But take a closer look; by stealthily adding more features and capabilities to their profiles, LinkedIn is beginning to break away from the crowd.

In November 2013 LinkedIn sneakily added Showcase Pages, a feature that effectively acts as an add-on to Company Pages. You may not immediately appreciate the benefits but cast your minds back to Facebook and the “pages” versus “groups” debacle. Just as it did then, all will become clear.

So what are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

Showcase Pages are an excellent new tool for small and huge businesses alike; we’re not seeing them very often yet but it won’t be long until they’re as commonplace as a like or a tweet or a pin. They allow you to set up a separate page for any distinct part of your business, be it a brand, a product, a project or a new initiative and gather yourselves an audience that you can target with updates and news about that particular facet of your business.

So you might, for example, be Microsoft. Under your main LinkedIn page, you can create a Showcase Page for each of your brands or products – there’s currently one for MS Office, MS Dynamics, MS Lync, MS Visio and so on. Each can have their own separate band of followers who will then receive brand-specific updates. Each Showcase Page has its own separate LinkedIn analytics detailing its use, reach and success.

How can Showcase Pages help your business?

They’re great for huge companies with a lot to shout about but Showcase Pages are worthwhile additions for small to medium businesses as well. Create long term relationships with those more interested in one aspect of your business than another and give a boost to another that you’d like to get more notice. A regularly updated Showcase Page is only going to increase your visibility in search engines as well.

Each Company Page can have up to ten Showcase Pages and they’re easy to set up and use. Just like those Facebook groups and pages, you’ll soon wonder what your LinkedIn page used to look like without them.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and set up your Showcase Pages, start building an audience and engage with them by posting interesting stories.

If you’re not sure where to start, please contact us to find out how we can help get your business engaging on LinkedIn.

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