Published by Simon Brooks on 21st May 2014 | Creative Design, Illustration, Marketing Strategy

Bespoke story wall with children at the heart

When Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) approached C4B Media to design and manage the production of  a ‘story wall’ our designers needed no encouragement. Their creative juices just flowed!

Bespoke story wall with children at the heart


A non-departmental public body for England and Wales, Cafcass was set up to safeguard and promote the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings

The design of the bespoke story wall needed C4B Media to refresh the brand and promote their image as a modern, client-focused organisation, with children at the heart.

The wall design needed to incorporate the refreshed graphics and real people that Cafcass is helping – ensuring that there was longevity as their brand develops.

Simplicity was also key, the pictures needed to tell a story in a way that could be grasped by the young children using the service. As a high traffic area, the material needed to be durable whilst still giving the option of providing new information. The project was part of an office move so timescales were short and it was important to liaise with the interior design agency.

A durable and ‘living’ wall with impactful design

Bespoke wallpaper of wall with window overlooking child on scooterC4B Media’s objective for the project was to produce a visually impactful design that would engage with the children and families supported by Cafcass. The end result would give Cafcass a durable and ‘living’ wall which could be updated easily.

The wall design needed to be striking, taking account of the layout of the walls.  We incorporated a magnetic area with picture frames where updates and information could be changed regularly by staff.  To encourage interactivity the design also included a ‘feedback tree’ where children and parents could leave their feedback about the experience they have had with Cafcass.

From concept to artwork to printing and installation

The project included design conception, project management, artwork, print handling and installation – working with a specialist story wall company and leasing with other agencies.

The wall covering is high impact, interactive and functional and provides parents, children, professionals and journalists with an attractive, friendly and professional environment. By working closely with Cafcass and other agencies, we were able to deliver on time, to a high standard, in a tight window.

C4B quickly grasped what we wanted to achieve for the children and families we work with. They delivered a high-impact product within a short timeframe, were responsive to our feedback and approached the project with genuine enthusiasm as well as a critical eye to detail and finishing. The story wall and feedback tree have been so popular – kids are loving writing all over them.”

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