Published 27th March 2014 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, News

Time Spent Browsing Digital Media To Overtake TV Viewing In 2014

According to a recent prediction by EMarketer, the time which the UK population spend browsing and using digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets is set to overtake the time spent watching TV this year. As such, there’s still a significant number of businesses who need to adapt to this way of thinking and do so relatively quickly in order to keep up with consumer behaviour and ensure that their products and services are in front of their target markets, regardless of where they’re looking!

It has been predicted that the average UK adult will, in 2014, spend approximately 3 hours 41 minutes each day on non-voice mobile and tablet activities as opposed to 3 hours 15 minutes watching TV. The other interesting stat to add in here is that laptop and desktop use seems to have hit a plateau of device share and usage, sending strong signals to marketers that mobile is a platform which simply cannot be ignored, regardless of what industry a particular business operates in.

This follows our recent blog post which looked at marketing in a multi-screen world and the importance which mobile devices must now have in any companies marketing approach. This just goes to show that 2014 is, without a doubt, the year in which businesses need to ensure their mobile presence, from having a responsive website to ensuring their PPC campaign is properly optimised for mobile and tablet performance, is considered a vital component of their overall marketing strategy.

A key point to take away from this recent study and the associated article on Marketing Week is the quote from Facebook’s Mark D’Arcy who stated, “marketers may not be shifting spend towards mobile and digital as quickly as consumers are shifting in terms of behaviour because of an “infrastructure legacy.”

As a business owner, now is the time to ensure your mobile marketing strategy is in place and that you’re appearing to potential customers across all devices. Why not contact us today to discuss how we can help you with putting together a comprehensive internet marketing strategy which places a strong emphasis on mobile?

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