Published 07th July 2012 | Content Marketing

What is Good Content?

Long gone are the days when you could just build a website and leave it the same for X number of months. Static websites are a thing of the past; now, more than ever, content matters.

But it’s not just about content – anyone can throw up a keyphrase laden page and call it content – what matters more now is GOOD content.

So what is good content?



It’s relevant

Your content needs to be relevant to your readers. Posting a blog about what you had for dinner when you run an IT support company isn’t going to get you readers or search engine positions.

Think about the things your target market want to read, and write about those.

It’s readable

It’s tempting to put together a page written specifically for search engines in the hope that you’ll get some tasty first page Google listings.

And you could do that.

But remember, when your reader clicks through from the search engine, they’re going to try and READ that content – and if it’s unreadable because you’ve stuffed it so full of keywords, they’re going to click the back button faster than it took you to upload that page.

It’s optimised

However, it is important to think about search engines as well as readers, so do consider where your keyphrases appear, and make sure you’re filling in fields such as META description and any tags and categories that are relevant.

Make it easy for the search engines AND for your reader.

It’s topical

A great way to create good blog content is to look at what is topical to your target market and write about that. Look through the newspapers each day, read trade press, see what other people are blogging about. Topical posts get a lot of traffic, and a lot of that will stick.

It has a good call to action

There’s nothing worse than a great piece of content that drifts away into… nothing.

Think of every page of your site or blog as a potential landing page for your visitor. What if they came in on that page from a search engine? NOW what do you want them to do? Tell them.

It’s not just about selling

Remember that although good content sells, it’s not just about selling. It’s about being informative, educational, and maybe even humourous.

The more you help your visitors, the more likely they are to come back and eventually buy from you. It’s not all ‘you, you, you’.

Great content can mean the difference between a site that works and one that languishes – which one do you want?

I’m not that great at writing – now what?

There are many great content writers out there – we’re one, why not give us a call on 01223 750236?

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