Published by Simon Brooks on 02nd September 2013 | Copywriting, Web Design, Website Content

How to Target Your Website Home Page Copy

When it comes to your home page copy, one size doesn’t fit all.

In fact if you write your own content for your website home page, it’s tempting to try and be all things to all people too quickly.

Either you end up writing a huge amount of content, which isn’t ideal for your home page as people simply won’t read it.

Or you need to spend many hours trying to capture everything very succinctly and concisely, in which case you will inevitably not be able to cover everything.

The other option is to cater mainly for the believers, and give the more sceptical website visitor just enough information to engage them and draw them into the site.

As service businesses, we all face the classic ‘believer’ vs ‘non-believer’ dilemma. Our websites are going to attract the people who “get it”, as well as the people that don’t. The believers are the people that will quickly buy into your business proposition and values. The non-believers are skeptics, and they can be very hard to bring round to your way of seeing things.

Avoid trying to over cater to the skeptical non-believers. Have in mind that they’re out there, sure. But realise that it’s going to take time to engage with them. If you can capture their attention, draw them off into a page or area on your site that’s caters just for them, and try to convert them there.

Take social media, for example. If your business provides social media marketing services, clearly your #1 targets are the believers. The people who are persuaded – or who are open to persuasion – that social media marketing is a valid marketing activity for their business.

You may want to evangelise to and convert the skeptics, but it could be a long sales process.

So treat the skeptics differently. Try and define what the main hurdle for them and come up with something that will grab their attention. It could be a blog article or a report of some sort.

“10 Ways To Generate ROI with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy” is bound to get skeptics clicking on it to see what it’s all about. The added bonus is that this will be a valuable piece of information for the believers too.

In summary: define your main message for the believers, then stick to it and push it clearly and consistently. Don’t try to convert the skeptics via the home page.


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