How to create excellent and engaging email newsletters

As you may know, here at C4B Media we offer a ‘full service’ email newsletter service. So over the years we’ve learned a few things about what works – and what doesn’t.

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e-newsletters: stay in touch with your customers while they’re on the go

For your email newsletter to “work”, it must engage your customers and prospects so they open your email and click through to your website.

Follow these 6 Top Tips to create excellent newsletters that will engage your customers and prospects and help to build your subscriber list.

1. Give people a reason to read

Why do a newsletter? Are people interested in your news? Why should they read it? Answer all these questions and recognise that people will be turned off by an overtly salesy newsletter. So it needs to be interesting, relevant and useful for your readers.

Content should be compelling. That way, you’ll keep and add subscribers.

2. Make it look good

Sloppy appearance affects what people think of you. It’s as true for email newsletters as for the way you dress. Keep the graphics neat, simple and consistent with your existing brandingespecially with your website.

As with many things in life, appearance and first impressions count.

3. Personalise the experience

Making newsletter conent relevant for every reader is hard. You can use each recipient’s name and company name, but personalise what you write with your own style too. Make it entertaining, even quirky, and project your own – and your company’s – personality.

The old “people buy from people” thing is still true, even with email newsletters.

4. Open me now!

Using a compelling subject line is really, really important. If you can’t think of anything original, you’ll have to go with ‘Here’s our latest newsletter’ – but that’s kind of boring. So try and tap into the interests and issues that motivate your recipients to open your email.

And, of course, make sure you deliver on what your subject line promises!

5. Show and tell

With all your marketing, you should be aiming to build a reputation as an expert authority in your chosen field. So load your newsletter with useful hints, tips, advice and links to free in-depth articles about how to do things better, solve problems or make more money.

The more you give, the more you’ll show you know, so you’ll be perceived as the expert.

6. Think beyond the email newsletter…

So now you’re delivering useful, interesting and compelling information in a well-presented format that’s consistent with your existing marketing media. What next?

The answer is to have two similar versions: the email newsletter, with article excerpts and teasers and links through to…. the full version on a page on your website, or to dedicated landing pages that will convert your visitors to prospects.

But that’s another story.

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