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5 SEO quick-win tactics to get you found

Your website needs traffic. But any old traffic isn’t good enough. You need to attract the right kind of visitors who will interact, engage and convert.

A strong SEO strategy takes effort over the long term, but by using a small number of quick-win SEO tactics you can start ranking highly for relevant search terms used by potential buyers searching for what you offer.

Follow these 5 SEO quick-win tactics and get your business found:

1.      Use high quality content

Google measures the amount of time your visitor spends on each page, and this metric forms a part of the ranking the page is given.

Bounce rate and dwell time are also measured, so if a high percentage of people land on your site and promptly exit without clicking anywhere else, your ranking will suffer.

For that reason, it’s really important that your content is relevant and useful to your target buyers and that it delivers the information they were looking for. It also pays to have clear calls to action, to encourage users to visit other areas of your site. Make sure you know your audience to create content they will appreciate and value.

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2.      Set up local listings

If you’re a local business with a ‘shop front’, office or headquarters that customers can visit, local link building is an ideal way to boost your online visibility and increase traffic to your website for your keywords.

However, it’s very much quality over quantity in the world of link building. A lower number of high quality links will make a bigger impact than lots of low quality links.

Scope out the most popular/used local business directories and set your business up on there, making sure all your business name and contact information is listed consistently with a backlink to your website.

Google My Business is also a great tool for this – and it’s free.

Local listings

3.      Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Mobile friendliness is now a necessity, not an option.

Google draws its results from mobile optimised pages first, and that means genuinely responsive sites rather than those which simply have a mobile alternative are ranked higher in search results.

A website performs that performs poorly on mobile will result in a frustrating user experience for visitors on mobile devices, leading to a higher bounce rate. Those factors will also negatively impact on your SEO results.
Make sure that your website automatically resizes to fit the device being used so that fonts and other visuals are readable on a small screen. Tap and swipe access and navigation should be instinctive and visitor-friendly.

Google’s mobile friendly test is a great way of testing how mobile-friendly your site is, and it provides a quick-win list of areas of improvement.

Mobile friendly

4.      Include unique content

As Google’s rules currently stand, you will be penalised if you don’t provide unique content. If your website contains duplicate content, Google has to work through it before it can identify any unique elements – making the website less likely to rank highly in search results.

If a page contains all unique content it should perform well, whereas a page with some duplicate content and some unique, will still be penalised for the bit that’s duplicate and so won’t rank.

What does unique content mean? In short, it’s original, specific and definitely not copied from somewhere else. Your business, services, products and concepts should be described in your own way, using your own ‘tone of voice’ and style.

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5.      Improve your website speed

Speeding up your website can reduce your bounce rate by providing users with a more positive experience, which in turn will improve your ranking, and attract more relevant visitors.

There are plenty of tools available to test site speed, and many provide recommendations for improving it. You should test your website’s speed performance on a monthly basis.

If your website loads slowly and is based on a CMS, it may be that it has too many plugins, some of which may be outdated or irrelevant. Removing redundant plugins is therefore a smart move.

Other quick-win measures to speed up your website include:

  • Enable compression of all files
  • Compress images to most efficient resolution
  • Optimise video resolution and duration
  • Enable browser caching by setting the relevant headers
  • Switch off unused functions that are a part of the content management system or plugins
  • Combine files wherever possible to reduce browser requests
  • Limit the use of JavaScript which can have a drain on available resources
  • Use the best quality hosting solution that you can afford

Original content ideas

 If these quick win SEO tactics seem a bit daunting to you, or you’d like to discuss any aspect of your SEO requirements, give us a call on 01763 877110 or drop us a line at Let us know if we can help with any aspect of marketing or ask us about one of our all-inclusive outsourced marketing packages.


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