Published by Richard Pierce on 12th December 2022 | Social Media Marketing

Top ideas for your festive social media content

Christmas is nearly upon us, and here at C4B Media, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit (the Christmas playlist is on its 26th repeat already).

Christmas is also a busy time for your content. With so many things going on and things to plan for the new year, it can certainly be a mad dash to get your content out and themed around the festive period! Well, fear not, as we have some top content ideas for your Christmas posts. It’s the time of year to have some fun, do something different, and join in with the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas jumper selfie

Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper?

If you’re doing a Christmas jumper day this year, then a great post would be an office selfie with all your amazing jumpers on display. And as always, the uglier the Christmas jumper, the better!

Working from home? No problem. Your team could have a virtual selfie! Pop on your jumpers, hop on a team call, and screenshot everyone together.

Host a staff Christmas Bake Off

Now we don’t mean hiring a big tent and running a 12-week competition…

But what you could do is choose one festive recipe, say Christmas cookies. Then whoever wants to take part bakes the best Christmas cookies they can. Take pictures of your bakes, upload them to your social media accounts, and have your followers vote for the Star Baker! You can either do a poll with all the pictures or ask people to leave comments with their favourite cookies.

This can either be done virtually or in person, so grab your baking spoons and on your marks, get set… BAKE!

Share your office or home decorations

If you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off the Christmas tree, spruce up the office with Christmas decorations, and share your creations on social media. If your team is working from home, your staff could take pictures of their decorations, which you could upload as a carousel post on social media to still get involved with the Christmas joy.

No need to make this one a competition. But if your team is competitive, then, ask your followers to comment on which Christmas decorations are their favourites! May the best decorations win!

Share your Christmas playlist

We moan and groan when we first hear a Christmas song, but deep down, we all love them. We also listen to the same Christmas songs every year, but there are thousands of others you have most likely never heard of. We’ve seen lots of alternative Christmas playlists trending, so why not create an office playlist and have everyone pop in their favourites? Whether old or new, there will be something for everyone. Share your playlist with your followers and see what they think.

We hope you get some Christmas inspiration from these ideas. Most importantly, whatever you do, have a wonderful Christmas.

Here at C4B Media, we are social media experts, and we are very happy to talk you through how Christmas and other themed days can be woven into your social media marketing strategy.

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