We designed Pentlebay’s logo and corporate identity. Their monthly outsourced marketing package includes digital marketing, content creation, copywriting, PR and social media management.

Pentlebay Clothing is an independent, online women’s clothing retailer based in Royston.

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The brief
Pentlebay Clothing  came to C4B Media for marketing and creative expertise to help them with the launch and overall marketing management of their exciting new clothing brand. Goals were to increase levels of local and national brand visibility, increase sales and collaborate with relevant influencers.


  • Creation of a humanised and engaged online presence
  • Targeted social media advertising and channel management; to grow brand awareness, drive local and national engagement and website sales
  • Influencer engagement & management
  • Promotional marketing
  • Brand consistency across all digital marketing channels
  • Design of social media graphics, page assets & website banners
  • Video and photography
  • Lifestyle website blogs & collaborative local business interviews


  • In the last 6 month period website transactions have increased by 241 % compared to the previous 6 month period
  • Built & developed an active Social Media audience
  • In the last 6 month period, there has been a 78% increase in the number of website users from the previous 6 month period
  • Collaborations with national nano & micro-influencers
  • Successful launch of new dress range in Spring 2020

Memorable marketing for this season and beyond

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