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Staff working from home? Here are a few lessons we’ve learned.

The challenges of this pandemic are affecting everyone, and for many businesses, it’s meant asking teams to work from home.

Over the years, most of our staff have “WFH” at some point and now the whole team is doing it, it seems to be working really well.

If your people are working from home, here are a few nuggets of advice, on how to make it a success, based on our experiences …

Comfortable workstation

Not everyone has the luxury of a home study or spare room that can be turned into a workspace. So the key is to make the best of what you can, whether that’s at the kitchen table, breakfast bar or in a comfy chair with a tray!

Wherever you sit, just make sure it’s comfortable, good for your posture and try to stretch your legs every half hour or so to remain mobile.

Lots of light for creativity and motivation

Light is very important for both physical and mental wellbeing; it can transform your mood completely and also has a direct link with productivity, creativity and motivation.

Try and sit by a window if you can, so you get lots of natural light – and fresh air. If not, just make sure there’s plenty of light to work by, or you risk eye strain and headaches.

Suitable tools and equipment

Most people have broadband and a mobile phone, so these can be put to use when WFH.  We provide all our staff with a laptop as standard, and they can hop on to their home broadband without a problem.

If your staff don’t have laptops, you’ll probably need a solution that allows them to work on a home PC or laptop. Where possible, staff can also benefit from a good quality monitor, external keyboard and mouse.


Adapting to working remotely can be difficult for some people, particularly if they haven’t experienced it before.

We can’t emphasis enough the importance of developing a routine that will keep everyone motivated. Using calendars, planning and collaboration tools and online video meetings are all key in giving the day some structure and keeping people work focused!

Regular communication

Right from the off, we realized that WFH can be a lonely business for people who value the human interaction of a busy office. Some will certainly miss that, and it’s important to promote regular communications.

Depending on which clients or companies we talk to, we use Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams – or sometimes just the phone.

Here at C4B, we have a whole team Skype Video call at 09:30 each day. This is a great opportunity to share WFH experiences, client updates and catch up on personal stuff too. Certain members of the team have even taken to appearing in a fancy dress costume each Friday…!

Promoting best practice

When you’re cooped up at home, it’s easy to just sit at your desk (or equivalent!) and not move for long periods – so make sure you set alerts to get up and walk around. Even it’s just to go upstairs, take the dog for a walk or go and make a cuppa, it’s important to keep moving!

Keep hydrated too. Try keeping a jug of water nearby and don’t forget to top it up! Take a look at and explore their fantastic range of water jugs, pitchers and other glassware – perfect for the home and office.

Candles and plants for a relaxing environment

Sitting in a single room can be a bit dull if you’re used to a busy office atmosphere. Plants and candles can have a positive effect if you’re feeling a little stressed out. To calm your mind and get ready for your next task/project, why not treat yourself to a candle from our friends at

Stay healthy, stay safe, keep smiling. 🙂

The C4B Media team

P.S To speak with a member of our team, or for anything else, please feel free to contact us either by phone on 01763 877110 or email





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