Published 30th June 2020 | Social Media Marketing

Today is #InternationalSocialMedia Day!…

…THE perfect excuse to give our Social Media Marketing services a @mention!

Any Marketing Agency will tell you that Social Media is a MUST for your business because – depending on your sector – that’s where your customers are.

Here are just a few reasons why…

  • You can connect with your existing customers and prospects in real time and receive instant feedback and engagement
  • Having a social media presence can increase brand awareness and loyalty; which in turn can help to grow your online (and offline) audiences
  • Social Media Marketing will help boost your leads and SALES…simples!

So HOW can the C4B Media team help your business “be more social”?

Here’s how…

Social Media campaign planning should be a key focus for every business with a social presence. Businesses unfortunately can’t just “wing it” anymore! At C4B Media we offer strategy and planning marketing workshops to our clients, both locally in Hertfordshire and Cambridge, as well as throughout the UK.

Our talented social content experts can design your graphics, create videos, shoot and edit your photos and design beautiful infographics for your social pages – increasing engagement and building momentum for your brand.

Copywriting is a key component in all types of marketing. Use our content copywriting service for longer, more in-depth articles and blogs as well as short and snappy social media captions.

Innovation and creative idea generation is crucial for any social media presence. Our experts are constantly thinking ahead, looking for new angles and ideas and keeping up to date with the latest techniques and trends so we know what the important issues are across different businesses and industry sectors.

Audience development is one of THE most crucial components of any social media marketing strategy, because engagement is so important. You may often wonder…“Is my social media content being seen or clicked on?”… Our social media specialist teams can work with you to identify who, how and when to target on social media – and then devise a plan accordingly. We’ll also help you to maximise engagement opportunities through the paid advertising platforms. The goal is to ensure your beautifully designed content, copy and calls to action are being seen and engaged with by the right audience.

Let us fully manage your social media marketing and SAVE YOU and your colleagues TIME! We’ll attract, engage, convert and retain customers for you– so you can focus on you managing your business.

Fancy a chat to find out more?

Drop us a DM on social @c4bmedia or contact us here.

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