Published by Simon Brooks on 22nd June 2021 | Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Social media themed days: how and when your brand can embrace them

Have you noticed that more and more brands are embracing themed days? How and why they are being adopted by businesses and whether doing so is the right fit for your company, is very much worth exploring.

How do I find out about themed days?

Lots of marketing calendars share useful national and international days, from popular calendar days of the year to more obscure days that could fit with your brand story or planned marketing campaign strategy.

We have created our own Social Media Theme Day calendar you can view it here.

How can I use themed days to reinforce my brand story?

This can be a real challenge.

Some themed days naturally lend themselves to brand association. For example, the launch of our #C4BPlanetPledge for this year was timed to coincide with #WorldBeeDay.

Other days are simply fun-based or engaging to champion.

Did your team have a debate about the best toppings on Pancake Day or share photos or videos of making pancakes on social media? If you’re into food or cooking, days like this are (albeit this is actually a religious day) are a great, fun opportunity to incorporate conversations or activities that might be happening on that day into your social media channels.

What exactly are the benefits of themed days?

A major benefit of incorporating themed days into your social media marketing strategy is the use of hashtags.

Since hashtags are used with an intent to discover content, the right hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before.

This increased reach can get you more followers, improve your engagement rate and help build a community around your business.

By using the appropriate themed day hashtag and engaging with others, you are moving your brand from a ‘static’ position to one of engagement.

People also love to see companies engaging with ‘real life events’ as it lends a more human dimension to your brand which – for customers – can lead to a sense of loyalty and identity with a brand.

Can I be taken seriously embracing the #day?

In our recent article, 5 Top Tips for Brand Storytelling, we explored why the humanisation and personalisation of your brand is key in Human-to-Human Marketing.

There are, of course, some days that simply will not fit with your brand – but that is okay.

You cannot possibly post about every ‘hot topic’ theme day on your social media feeds. It would be too time consuming and may cause bewilderment among your customers.

A good place to start might be the traditionally celebrated and widely recognised days such as Easter, Christmas and Shrove Tuesday (or “pancake day” as it’s commonly known).

Others such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are equally well known.

Adding personalisation to themed days can really help. For example, with Mother’s Day, there might be someone in your team who has recently become a mother or grandma, or who is about to go on maternity leave and whom you could feature.

It is worth bearing in mind that with all themed days there needs to be a level of sensitivity, as there may be someone who finds specific days difficult or not a cause for celebration.

Examples of this can be found in the Christmas messages last year – with many people moving away from the ‘Happy/Merry Christmas’ messaging, to one of a ‘Restful/Peaceful’ in reflection of the COVID pandemic and the restrictions at that time.

Big brands have fallen foul of this recently when posting themed day social posts and not fully appreciating their significance to particular audiences. Look no further than political days and movements such as Black History Month or Pride Month.

Here are some examples of our client’s social media posts on theme days.

If you have lacked the confidence to embrace themed days as part of your marketing and would like to start incorporating a more ‘human’ dimension into your brand messaging, we are here to help.  

C4B Media are social media experts, and we very happy to talk you through how themed days can be woven into your social media marketing strategy,

Contact us on 01763 877110, or why not drop us a line via today?

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