Mercy Ships


With our proven track record of working with charities, Mercy Ships approached us. They are an international charity that launched in 1978 and now operate the largest charity hospital ship in the world, serving thousands of people in Africa who have limited or no access to basic healthcare.

The brief
C4B Media were tasked with developing a brand new marketing package for schools. It was important that the material captured the imagination of both teachers and pupils, giving them a flavour of what the ship offered. The challenge was to find something distinctly original, creative and engaging that would stand out from the fierce competition amongst local and national charities.

Our solution
We decided to approach the project through telling a “story,” and getting the readers to imagine they were going on a voyage with Mercy Ships. We developed a character – Percy – who was on board the ship. The story was then built around him, giving the readers an insight into the work that Mercy Ships did, where the ship had sailed and fundraising ideas.

Through developing a creative concept of “story telling”, the pack tells an engaging and thought-provoking story, encouraging pupils and teachers to understand the cause through their imagination and build compassion in order to take action.

And our very own Projects Director, Sharon, has gone a step further by spending a fortnight volunteering on the hospital ship. When we say we get to know the client, we really mean it!


We are delighted with the Mercy Ships Schools Pack. The whole team at C4B got behind the project, delivered on time and exceeded our brief.

Sarah Balser, Head of Fundraising, Mercy Ships UK

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