Mama Buci


Mama Buci is a story of helping local communities in Africa to make honey to earn money to send their children to school.

Mama Buci wanted to launch the product into the UK market. We were asked to conceptualise the products and story into a Marketing Strategy timeline and to produce marketing material that was used at International exhibitions and was even presented to The Duke of York at the Palace.

Our Solution
We developed the identity that was already in place. And created a vision and infographics to support the story in a mini brochure and within highly creative powerpoint presentations. We also got to illustrate how the branding and product can be seen in London and in a exhibition arena … a full expression of being creative and artistic with our ideas!

We had 48 hours to produce content, design and digital print of the mini-brochures for them to be shipped to Dubai. Also our work was developed and used at the London Launch party, which the Projects Director, Sharon Grocott and Creative Director, Sarah Kralj got to attend and meet Bear Grylls who endorses the Project.

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