KWS is a global firm that manages the propagation and distribution of agricultural seed varieties including wheat, oats, barley, sugar beet and maize.

As a long-term trusted creative and marketing partner to KWS UK, C4B’s services save the in-house marketing team time and money, freeing them up to focus on the things they do best.

Services provided include marketing campaign visuals, bespoke illustrations, direct mail campaigns and social media videos for new seed launches, and marketing planning to support KWS UK’s annual go-to-market strategy.

KWS printed brochure designs

A story of trust

  • Trusted marketing and creative design partner for nearly a decade.
  • Significant increase in brand awareness.
  • Positive response to creative campaigns from KWS customers.
  • Marketing continuity during internal staff transitions ensuring output remains consistent.
  • Trade show presence design and support.

A key creative project for KWS is the firm’s Annual Business Briefing, a strategy kick-off event attended by industry stakeholders to deliver KWS’s vision for the upcoming years. C4B have created the branded theme and visual design for several years, helping ensure the event’s success and deliver a unique, memorable experience for attendees.

The Annual KWS Variety Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides farmers with information about all of KWS’s seed varieties. The C4B creative team revel in the process of designing, printing and delivering the guide every year.

C4B Media also provide KWS with ongoing marketing support, working closely with the in-house marketing team and product managers to develop and implement marketing strategies aimed at the target audience.

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Working with C4B media on our cereals variety guide was a thoroughly enjoyable process. C4B immerses themselves in our business and fully grasps exactly what we are trying to achieve with our guide. Their highly professional approach from start to finish is a streamlined process that results in a variety guide we are incredibly proud of.


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