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We planned and wrote the marketing strategy for JT Cranes, to help the company reach their business goals through lead generation and improving brand awareness. This is achieved through various marketing activities such as social media management, including targeted advertising campaigns. We are also responsible for managing their website, writing engaging content such as articles, blog posts and case studies, and fulfilling other branding and design requests.

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JT Cranes is a fast-growing firm based on the Bedfordshire-Cambridge border, recently appointed as the UK’s sole distributor of Jekko Mini Cranes.


We held a Marketing Strategy Workshop with the team at JT Cranes, to get to know them, understand their brand and the strategic direction of the company. From here, we were then able to devise the marketing strategy and plan, outlining the company’s main goals for its digital marketing. In this case, JT Cranes wanted to increase lead generation, grow brand awareness, and build an online community. JT Cranes were previously running their own social channels and had a functional website, but it needed  updating. They approached C4B Media as they needed specialist marketing knowledge and expertise to achieve their goals and objectives.  

Our Solution

After the initial workshop, we created an overall marketing strategy that incorporated the company’s goals and we also carried out a website review. Once the strategy had been presented and agreed, we started work on creating blog posts and articles, social media campaigns with graphics and animation, and targeted paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


JT Cranes now has a growing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are currently running campaigns each month on these platforms to target specific audiences, for example, those in the construction industry, tree surgeons or glass installers.

From just a £48 budget for paid advertising, JT Cranes saw a 2,495% increase in Facebook page engagement from November 2020 to January 2021. In that same time frame, the Facebook page reach saw a 4,656% increase and the number of page clicks saw a 3,167% increase.

“We had a call from a customer who we have been working with for over 6 years and he said he didn’t know we had a paint shop! The social media is working!! He has asked us to quote on spraying some of his cranes”.

Tina Jones
JT Cranes

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