JCA specialise in developing high quality engineering projects, managing all aspects from design, installation and maintenance. Working across a range of industry sectors, JCA utilise their extensive engineering experience to deliver a professional and efficient service to their longstanding client base.

Founded in 2004, JCA initially approached us to design their brand identity in order for them to start trading. We have continued to work with them developing the brand and working on templates that can be used by the internal communications team.

The brief
Following a successful launch and impressive growth in nearly 10 years of trading, JCA were becoming very well established in their field. In order to build on this success, they needed to continue to attract new business and strengthen their portfolio.

In order to achieve this, JCA had to pitch for business by showcasing their brand, service proposition and experience in an engaging and appealing way.

The solution
C4B Media worked collaboratively with JCA to design and develop high quality, bespoke and sizable tender documents.

The documents needed to effectively communicate relevant projects, the story of the brand, their values and service offering. C4B Media utilised their specialist design experience in designing high volume content to ensure that the finished piece represented the brand, impressed the recipient and demonstrated their capabilities.

In addition, C4B Media worked with JCA to develop a full and comprehensive style guide for the brand. The objective of this document was to ensure that all staff and suppliers for JCA reproduced the branding accurately. Ultimately this has resulted in JCA having a consistent and coherent brand identity.

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