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Luxury hand-poured candles made with wellbeing in mind. We provided creative design and brand direction ahead of market launch followed by additional creative  for packaging, marketing materials and exhibitions. Listen to our podcast with Calm Candles London.

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Calm Candles London are luxury, hand-poured vegan candles made with wellbeing in mind from cruelty-free soy.

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C4B Media were asked to provide creative design and brand direction ahead of market launch, marketing material and concept, presentation for key clients, plus additional creative design for packaging, marketing material and exhibitions.

Our Solution

The first step was to create the Calm Candles branding, starting with the design of a logo radiating calm from a circular centre. The logo reflects the tone and mood of the business. We further developed the logo and created a strapline to support the brand with appropriate messaging. The packaging was re-designed to give a fresh and luxurious feel, incorporating recyclable card and biodegradable inks. We also created PowerPoint presentations to support Calm Candles London in key meetings with TV channels and well known high street stores.

The images were used across all marketing collateral to provide banner stands and postcards to promote upcoming exhibition presence. Most importantly, all the material was ready for the market launch of Calm Candles London in Kensington, London.

The brand has gone from strength to strength, starting from a successful product launch and high street store meeting, followed by a contract for rolling advertising with a TV shopping channel.

Calm Candles London Marketing Podcast
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Calm Candles Product Packaging Design
Calm Candles London Products
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The team at C4B have helped me to establish my thoughts into winning creative design. They have constantly encouraged and supported me, helping with projects such as web design, promotions and exhibitions. I feel their knowledge and expertise when brainstorming ideas has made a significant difference to how the business is developing.

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