Kevin Pike

Social Media Executive

Kevin Pike - Social Media Executive

Key skills:

Social media, content creation, digital marketing

Before entering the digital marketing world officially, Kevin was in the health & social care sector and has worked for charities and local government supporting vulnerable adults. Kevin’s passion for social media ignited in 2017 when he started a podcast with his best friend. Alongside this, he created quality, engaging content to attract new listeners on social media. He has also presented live radio for community stations. He loved producing the shows and coming up with exciting ideas for social media posts.

When Kevin joined C4B Media, he had already completed a diploma in digital marketing but was eager to start a new career and learn from the ground up. He likes to understand and develop the emotional journey between a business and its consumers.

🌈 Buzz words for Kevin

Exploring countryside walks, PlayStation, reading thriller/horror, cinema, football, family & friends

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Illustrated dog

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