Hannah Crawford

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Key skills
Digital marketing & SEO, paid media, Google Analytics, social media marketing, websites, copy & content creation

After obtaining a first class degree in English Language & Linguistics in 2015 and completing a marketing internship whilst at university, Hannah has been a key marketing executive, working on digital campaigns for several market-leading names. Hannah joined C4B Media in 2018 in a move back to agency-side and to focus more heavily on digital marketing.

She develops and delivers digital marketing strategies, social media campaigns, content and has worked on big brands such as Dyson, Unilever, Boots and Silver Cross.

During her career, Hannah has built up expertise in digital marketing & SEO, paid media campaigns, Google products, website content development, and copy & content creation.

At C4B Media, Hannah is responsible for developing and executing effective digital marketing strategies and plans, and using data to make informed marketing decisions for our clients.

🌈 Buzz words for Hannah

Cooking, watercolours, sketching, animal care, walking, nature, gardening, comedy!


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