Digital Marketing Analysis

Digital marketing analysis, performance review and improvement

Digital Marketing Analysis

“Is our digital marketing working?”

Find out and improve with C4B Media’s Digital Marketing Analysis.

Getting to grips with digital marketing

Your website design, social media channels, content creation and digital advertising need to work together.

Getting a return from these disparate digital marketing channels can be difficult.

How well is your digital footprint performing? If you’re not sure, or want to refine and improve your digital marketing performance, you need our Digital Marketing Analysis. It’s ideal for:

  • Company directors questioning the value of digital marketing
  • Business owners sceptical of ‘new’ forms of marketing
  • Marketing managers under pressure to deliver digital ROI


Digital Marketing Analysis
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Convert clicks into more customers

The Digital Marketing Audit will uncover how effective your digital marketing is at:

  • Attracting buyers
  • Engaging them and turning them into prospects
  • Converting prospects into sales
  • Retaining relationships with customers.

We’ll review what digital marketing services and channels you have in place, how effectively they work individually, together and as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Then we’ll explain how to make improvements to drive visibility and sales.

The Digital Marketing Analysis process

The DMA assesses your organisation’s digital marketing effectiveness.

We look at your digital marketing footprint, review how it aligns with the rest of your marketing and analyse how it is performing to support your business goals.

You’ll get all you need to supercharge your digital presence and convert more clicks to customers. Here’s what you get:

  1. Digital Marketing Goals Workshop
  2. Objectives and opinions review with stakeholders
  3. Digital Marketing and Alignment Audit
  4. Digital Performance Report
  5. Presentation of findings and summary recommendations

Optional: Ask us to create your Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan for you.


Digital Marketing Analysis

What’s included?

We look at your entire digital marketing footprint, including:

Digital Marketing Analysis

  • WEBSITE: Using specialist analysis tools, we review SEO effectiveness to identify where your website traffic comes from and how visitors arrive on your site, how they interact with content and what actions they take before leaving.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We look at how your social media presence performs compared to expectations. We’ll gauge the nature and timing of your posts with the levels of reach and interaction with your target communities.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: We examine how you are capturing email contacts and using them to promote your business consistently and effectively, as well as at the effectiveness of email newsletters.
  • ONLINE ADVERTISING: If appropriate, we’ll review your digital advertising and PPC campaigns (e.g. on Google AdWords and social ads), specifically looking at the ROI of these marketing activities.
  • CONVERSION MECHANISMS: Across all your digital media, we review how your propositions, messaging, campaigns offers and calls to action work together to drive leads and sales.
  • ALIGNMENT & CONSISTENCY: We assess how your digital channels align with each other and with your wider marketing strategy to support your business goals.
  • REPORT: Finally we write up our findings and recommendations for you in a comprehensive Digital Marketing Analysis Report. If you want us to go the next step and implement the recommendations, we can help.



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