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19 March 2020

C4B Media – we’re still here for you

During these times of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand that this will be causing a lot of worry, stress and anxiety. But we want to assure you, that we are here and it’s business as […]

Posted by Julia
C4B Marketing Team
07 February 2020

My journey to becoming C4B Media’s Apprentice…

In 2014 Julia, the Marketing Strategy Director of C4B, came into my school and gave a presentation at a careers day. I was so engaged and drawn to everything Julia was sharing about working at C4B Media […]

Posted by Alice Stanford-Everrett
Alice, Digital Marketing Apprentice at C4B Media
04 December 2019

5 SEO quick-win tactics to get you found

Your website needs traffic. But any old traffic isn’t good enough. You need to attract the right kind of visitors who will interact, engage and convert. A strong SEO strategy takes effort over the long term, but […]

Posted by Hannah Crawford
SEO quick wins
30 October 2019

Why Outsource your Marketing to an Integrated Agency?

If you’re a large company with a full in-house marketing team, you probably have most marketing disciplines covered. But if you don’t have the luxury of a full in-house team of marketing experts, you probably outsource some […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
Why Outsource your Marketing to an Integrated Agency?
10 October 2019

Written an Article? Do These 4 Things Next to Get It Noticed

Writing an article is easy. Just fill a page with 1000 words, right? Writing a compelling blog that people will actually want to read is a bit trickier, of course, but with practice, the right topics and […]

Posted by Hannah Crawford
Content marketing
18 September 2019

How to Create the Perfect Facebook Advert in 7 Steps

  Social media trends and platforms come and go, but for pure reach, Facebook continues to tower over all others, making it an unrivalled channel for marketing to large groups of highly profiled individuals. The numbers speak […]

Posted by Hannah Crawford
Facebook Ads on computer screen
29 July 2019

How much should my new WordPress website cost?

If you’re thinking about a new website, one of the first questions you’ll be asking is “How much is it going to cost?” Of course, budget is a key factor. Many business owners and marketing execs aren’t […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
Researching website options on laptop
28 June 2019

7 Steps to Optimise Your Website for Maximum Performance

How does your website perform? Is it quick and lean? Or slow to load and laggy? What are your visitors doing when they arrive? Browsing to your goal pages, or bouncing right off the site in a […]

Posted by Simon Brooks
7 Steps to Optimise Your Website for Maximum Performance
27 March 2019

Case Study: Cambridge Design Technology brand awareness campaign

Client Cambridge Design Technology is a Product Design Consultancy that specialises in a broad range of sectors. They create, develop, manage and realise product designs which meet their clients’ market requirements. Challenge Cambridge Design Technology work with […]

Posted by Hannah Crawford
CDT case study brand awareness

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