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Adding extra intelligence to your marketing.

C4B Media's market research services add a new dimension to your marketing.

With bespoke market analysis, for example to assess the ‘addressable market size’ for your products and services, C4B Media can almost certainly save you valuable marketing budget in the long run.

By arming yourself with target market intelligence before you start spending on high profile marketing communications, your campaigns will be more accurate, more targeted and more rewarding.

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What is Market Intelligence?

Your competitors are targeting your customers, trying to persuade them to buy their products. Now, today, every day.

To succeed and outsmart them, you need an edge. Not just better products. More effective branding, clearer positioning, stronger messaging. You need to be constantly on the ball, making sure your prices are competitive and your promotions are attractive.

How? By building market intelligence into your plan.

That's where C4B Media can help!

Competitor Research

Having a clear picture of how your competitors are marketing, what they are selling and how they are pricing is vitally important. C4B Media can undertake desk research and ‘Mystery Shopper’ exercises on your competitors. We'll produce the brief, do the work and report back, giving you a context for your product positioning, pricing and messaging.


Market Profiling & Sizing

Hitting the market with brilliant promotional messages is great. But the key to every successful campaign is high quality data. C4B Media can help you determine the size, profile and accessibility of your target market. Using our trusted data partners, we'll not only report on market size. We can profile by SIC code, location, size of business and number of employees.


Customer Analysis

Which customers are most profitable? Which client type would you like more of? By analysing your existing customer base, C4B Media can help identify the profile and sector of your ideal target client. We can work with you to define ideal target personas, and then target similar decision makers in other market sectors to help build your customer and prospect base.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What do your customers really think of your business, products and customer service? If you knew, you could focus on doing more of the positives – as well as ironing out the negatives. Using telephone, email and web-based research, we can provide insight into what makes your customers tick and recommendations on how you can build on it.


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