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Building awareness, credibility and trust

Content gives you a platform to differentiate your organisation, products and services by demonstrating your expert knowledge. 

It’s anything written, designed or produced that is of interest, benefit or relevance to prospects and customers and that will engage their interest.

When the time approaches for your prospects to make their buying decision, you’ll have built up the credibility to be shortlisted as a potential supplier. 

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Content marketing benefits

Content Marketing is a key ingredient at every stage – and in every channel – of the B2B marketing process; from your website to your blog, to your social media channels.

If you have a blog, you’ve already started. It’s the key component of content marketing. That means creating and sharing compelling content with your target audience to attract attention and engage more prospects.


C4B Media will work with you to:

Develop your content marketing strategy

We’ll work with you to profile your ideal target prospects, the marketing channels they use and the type of content that will appeal to and engage them.

Plan your content

Using the target personas we identify in your strategy, we’ll plan your content development programme to deliver a fresh and regular supply of original content.

Create your content

We’ll start with copywriting for your blog, articles, white papers, newsletters, press releases and website. We can include videos, images, infographics, podcasts and webinars.

Promote and distribute

Now you’ve got your hot relevant content ready to go, it’s time to share. We’ll show you how to post your blog, video, article or images and promote them via your email newsletter and social media channels.

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