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At C4B Media we have been conceiving and managing integrated lead generation campaigns for clients for over 10 years.

We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't.

We're passionate believers in the joined up, integrated approach to lead generation. Using multiple channelsad  multiple tools Whether used in conjunction with your website, social media marketing or customer newsletters, lead generation marketing is ideal for impactful and instant marketing communication. 

The key to lead generation success isn't which tools you use. It's how you apply them, and when.

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Email Marketing

C4B Media offers a professional, personalised and fully managed email campaign service.

That means we take care of all the creative, content, set up, management and reporting elements for you.

The benefits are numerous. 

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Branded HTML Email Templates

An email template adds colour, images and vibrancy to your message, making a strongly branded visual impact on your readers.  

C4B Media designs and builds unique email and e-newsletter templates for each customer. We can build a one-off re-usable template for your email newsletters or create a new design for each email campaign you run. It’s up to you.

See some of the email templates we've designed

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B2B telemarketing can be a frustrating task. Timing your calls to reach the right person, with the right requirements, at just the right time is hard.

So the ability of the caller to get the target contact  ‘on side’ quickly is vital. After all, just because someone isn’t in the market to buy today, doesn’t mean they won’t in 6 months.

Our lead generation telemarketing service can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Lead generation: in conjunction with an email or direct mail shot
  • Pipeline development: generating a warm list of prospects that may be ready to buy in the future
  • Customer care: after sales courtesy calls to follow up a quote or delivery
  • Market research: gaining insights and feedback on product features or customer service
  • Data cleansing: calling through contacts in your database to fill in gaps or correct errors
  • Tradeshow follow-up: calling your leads and contacts after your event or exhibition

Telemarketing services are available by the day with discounts for longer term projects.

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Direct Mail

A branded direct mail campaign can be very effective when integrated with email and telemarketing. Even a simple post card or letter can generate a response, particularly when integrated with an email and telemarketing activity.

For a more impactful effect, a carefully crafted mechanical mail piece incorporating a strong incentive and clear call to action can work well if executed professionally.

C4B Media can come up with a creative, quirky, novel or more serious approach to your direct mail campaign. Depending on your budget, we can develop a single- or multi-stage direct mail campaign treatment, integrated with additional forms of marketing.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll create the ideas!

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