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Creative content for attracting and engaging contacts, clients and website visitors.

Sharp, attention-grabbing copy is the way to engage and influence your target audience. 

As well as being interesting, relevant and compelling, your content must also persuade the reader to take a specific action. 

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Website content

Your web content is the key plank in your SEO. Its role is to attracting visitors, to engage them quickly with the information they need and retain their interest so they stay on your site.

Is your website working? We can audit your web content and suggest improvements in each of three critical areas:


Your content must be relevant for your keywords in order to rank highly on Google and other search engines


Your website copy must engage visitors and provide required, useful information


Your website must encourage and guide visitors to take some form of desired action

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Website content makeovers

If your website content isn’t properly optimised, your SERP (search engine ranking position) will be poor.

So we’ll research keywords to discover the terms that people searching for products like yours are using.

Then we’ll completely rewrite each page of your site, providing new title and description tags, ensuring that your keywords appear in the content at the right points.

  Let's optimise your website content.

Copywriting for blogs, newsletters & magazine articles

C4B Media can help you produce a steady stream of new content for your website. 

As part of your on-going content marketing strategy, C4B Media can research and write your blogs and newsletter articles to educate, inform and engage your visitors.

Here’s what’s included in C4B Media’s article copywriting service:

  • Original article content researched by our expert copywriters
  • Article synopsis
  • Keyword analysis and optimisation including page title, description and image tags
  • Articles posted to your website or delivered ready for upload

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